Brand Spirit

A T A is a phrase composed of three initial letters of “Advanced Technology Architecture & Advanced Traditional Architecture” and means the application of advance technology together with traditional characteristics locally to build up architecture and urban works having its own cultural exclusivity, differentiate and innovation creativity; also offering customers’ beyond satisfaction and pride for its innovation and progression.
The term “Architects” which refers to persons who work on architectural field which inspires us on “Human’ soul”.
The phrase ATA Architects inspires on a group of artists in architecture who wish to bring pride of creativity, innovation, extraordinary energy to transform dreams to reality, to improve life by architecture and urban works as a connection of past-present-future so that this pride can be maintained forever.
This idea remind us on “core profession” and “human’ soul” which are integrated to be one.
Every location, place, country has its own specific distinctiveness of culture, spiritual values, belief, natural conditions, history, social value and human’s nature. Therefore, architecture and urban development must embed distinguishable characteristics.
It is the combination of advanced technology with local traditions to put up distinctive movement architectures which have strong uniqueness. From that, “land’s spirit” and “origin country effect” are arisen naturally as their own original nature.
The image of our logo is stylized from three letters A.T.A to express our pioneer spirit with a desire of Innovation Creativity for a better and more enriched life.
The symbol and arc-drawing layout associate with creative activities of masters on architecture.
Red is the decisive colour of our logo, represents an active colour of time, dynamic fashion, enthusiasm and power, a symbol of our vehement fire aspiring for a better future. Red also represents luck and prosperity. In ancient Greece legend, Red represents the “Lightning Red” of Zeus, a supreme God of Time and supernatural Power through all eras.
Pure Black which is composed and arranged to create a feeling of solidarity represents solid prosperity and comes from the colour of fertilized soils, the colour of rainy clouds bringing fresh water to all living creatures on the earth, a symbol of foundation of life. In ancient Greece legend, Black also represents Goddess Euphronè of Night for a meaning that human can reveal good ideas when facing himself and thinking over at night.
White of the word “Architect” is arranged outstandingly on the black background to express the holiness, clearness, purity, a new knowledge and consciousness, a new creativity have been shaping and founding on enriched and sound knowledge. In Greece legend, White also represents Goddess Athéna of brightness and sanctity to harmonize with the Red colour of God Zeus
The Grey which is the background of our logo symbolizes the enormousness of intelligence and creative thinking as a “super substance” to initiate a journey promoting people to eternal verity of Creativity. Grey also expresses the Emotion Intelligence and the strength of dynamic Innovation Creativity aiming to an aspiration of transforming dreams to reality. This colour is also a symbol of human-being, a subject of creativity; it is furthermore a composition of the Black colour of the earth, the White colour of space and a little Red colour of luck and prosperity. The integration of the above four colours evokes a message honouring a synchronization of balanced and sustainable development.