Our Mission

ATA ARCHITECTS always links long-term interests of our client and our people.

ATA ARCHITECTS believes to bring beyond satisfaction to our clients by strategic, innovation creativity, efficient and sustainable ideas based on movement technology and local culture characteristics.

ATA ARCHITECTS creates added values for our clients, and our people.

ATA ARCHITECTS realizes our clients' desires and goals by helping them to transform their visions to reality.

ATA ARCHITECTS believes our innovation creativity designs will improve people’s life quality and enrich our client’s lives.

ATA ARCHITECTS believes the development of human being is the most valuable in the goals of civilization history. ATA ARCHITECTS always gathers, deverlop, motivate, encourages and sustains our people having special innovation creativity. We provide best working conditions, good policy benefits and competitive compensation to our people worthy of their contribution to our client’s interests.

ATA ARCHITECTS contributes to the community by our design for improvement in living quality, cultural, social and economic values, and aesthetic image of the urban architecture.